Value-Added and Due Diligence

One of our key specialist services is providing independent reviews, evaluations and valuations on a wide variety of exploration and development projects for identification of mining investment opportunities, guidance on mergers and acquisitions, and risk assessments for mining companies or investors. We have experience with public and private exploration/development companies as well as a range of debt providers.

Due Diligence Investigations 

FWS are experienced in the critical review of geological and resource-reserve models, preliminary feasibility and feasibility studies and Competent Persons Reports.  Such reviews are used in the assessment and appraisal of mining investment opportunities and provide an independent, unbiased and trustworthy opinion.

Risk Assessment 

We aim to identify and quantify risk factors associated with resource-reserve estimation, mining and land development opportunities, provide solutions and initiate remedial actions in order to add value to a Client’s project or portfolio.

Mineral Asset Valuation

We can provide valuation for all mineral assets from exploration properties, early and advanced projects, pre-feasibility and feasibility projects to assist in valuations for mergers and acquisitions, economic analysis, legal purposes, or project management.  We can report to a range of valuation codes which include CIMVAL, SAMVAL and VALMIN.

Value-Added Programmes

Using our experience, FWS identify areas for improvement or value addition in exploration and development projects to the benefit of the client and/or their investors. Such work includes the recognition of key areas for potential value creation and the design, costing and implementation of appropriate work programmes